The clear alternative to metal braces! 

Invisalign has been an indispensable tool in our practice since 2005. These transparent braces perfect your smile with help from a 3D plan created by your orthodontist. Invisalign is worn all day except when eating or brushing your teeth, so you can enjoy mealtimes and maintain the best oral hygiene possible during your treatment. Invisalign is the most friendly orthodontic treatment that exists, both in terms of aesthetic comfort and quality of life during treatment. We can help you determine if Invisalign is right for you, because we’re provincial leaders in the use of this very popular technology.

Other Orthodontic Technologies

  • This intraoral scanner is used to create digital impressions of your teeth, and is much more convenient than traditional imprint methods!

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    on iTero
  • Brackets and orthodontic wires are computer designed and manufactured with robotics for optimum results and decreased treatment time!

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    on Insignia