Treatments for adolescents (ages 11 to 15)

Tweens and early teens : the period during which most orthodontic treatments are recommended!

In orthodontics, adolescence is the optimal time to take action because adult teeth are present while the jaws are still growing. Our treatments cover a broad range at this stage, from simple alignment correction to the alignment correction of the malocclusion skeletal area. In simpler terms, the bone is still malleable enough to allow the necessary movement to ensure ideal positioning of the teeth. Moreover, as this period involves continuous change for kids, orthodontic appliances are generally tolerated quite well. Of course, collaboration is a critical factor for success in orthodontic treatment in tweens and teens. With each appointment, we develop and maintain a good rapport with our young patients and encourage them to maintain impeccable hygiene. Their active participation in the process is key essential in getting a great final result.