Combined orthodontic treatments and jaw surgery

When the solutions go beyond the dental setting and involve the facial structure!

Some patients with completed skeletal growth need to consider orthodontic treatment combined with jaw surgery in order to achieve adequate occlusion (a proper bite). The advantages of this treatment approach are numerous, and include better chewing, better preservation of teeth in the long term, improved dental and facial aesthetics, and unobstructed airways resulting in less snoring or sleep apnea. Plus, in most cases, patients report an increased level of self-esteem. This video clearly explains the steps involved in this type of treatment, along with the personal impact on patients who undergo orthodontic treatment and surgery.

We incorporate a 2-step process with patients who may need to undergo oral surgery. First, we carefully explain the steps of the treatment options, with the risks and the benefits of intervention. Thereafter, we will have you meet with a maxillofacial surgeon who will work with our team. These two meetings will allow you to make an informed decision, and begin treatment with determination.